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15.May. 2020 "Kunst, Ritual og natur" Groupshow in the forest of Holsteinborg Gods

28.may. 2020 "Bobler" Groupshow around the city of Roskilde, Museet for Samtidskunst.

"Central to my works is a staged loss of control, where nature's own processors and random magic become partners in the creation of new works. I set a premise and a process in motion and let nature complete the work. Fire and burning are often included, as a wild resource or function, which transforms or adds an aesthetic quality to the sculptures.
Through natural materials, the found and gifted; through the power of coincidences and open, intuitive processes I inscribe my works in a kind of primitive culture, where the inherent properties of the material become governing for the expression.
I am very interested in the fact that the natural and the manufactured, the past and the present mix in my practice in a way where one can be in doubt: Is it man-made artifacts or the coincidences of nature we are looking at?.. "